Step one- 

Join GDI - here is a link to my page so you can join my team - (there is a 7 day free trial so you don’t have to pay anything today)


Step two - 

Purchase email leads - of people just like you and me. Here is a great priced site-

20$/1000 leads 


Crafting your message. 

Don’t try to be catchy or slick. Just be simple, honest and real. 


Example message- one example of what I send to my leads (don’t copy this - it’s my personal story- we want yours to be personal too . and i’d be happy to help you craft you message too





You don’t know me but I’m hoping that you will take just a moment to read this message and that perhaps, if you do, I can add some value to your life. 

My name is Aileen, and I work full time at a children's home, which you might imagine is a wonderfully fulfilling job but it doesn't pay a lot. Because my job is a mission more than a “job” I also have a little “hobby job” that I do in my spare time to earn extra money. 

In the last year I’ve worked on and perfected text message marketing, direct mail marketing and email marketing.

I use these 3 methods to share an amazing 10$/month company, and I am able to make multiply 100$ bonuses each week and my monthly residual is growing rapidly as well. 

You may know that the key to success online is the ability to duplicate your success with your downline (or the people who join you), because of that I’ve outlined in step by step process WHAT I do and if you are interested in this info I would LOVE to share it with you. 

If you are interested, simply shoot me a reply and I’ll answer your reply within 24 hours (busy with the kids a lot so I don’t always get to reply really quick but I PROMISE, you won’t be forgotten.) 

If you are NOT interested, that’s ok too. If you know someone who might be interested, feel free to share this message and my email address with them. OR just delete. 

Either way, I hope you have a great day and I hope that you find success in whatever you do. 


God Bless

Aileen Strong Griffin




NOTICE that i did not send a web address link or an attachment. It’s just an introduction email. I want to start a conversation. I want to be personal because MOST email marketing is very impersonal and I am trying to stand out and get my message opened and read


NEXT - send

You can send from an emailing service but ALOT of those are blocked by the big email providers so your email will never see anything but the SPAM folder. 

I suggest getting a gmail JUST for your emailing of this offer or if you have a gmail already you CAN use that as well. 

I would advise to send 20-30 a day at the VERY MOST because you want to give yourself time to respond. 



Once they do respond, send them THIS info - with your link in step one. I keep it all in a google doc so it’s easy to copy and paste 

If they go to your link and fill out the info GDI will inform you that they have, and if they join right away you will be notified of that too. 

But NO MATTER WHAT. if they write and ask for more info after your initial email, and you send them THIS info, you NEED TO CHECK IN the next day. See if they had a chance to click the link and check it out and if they had any questions. 


I will send the info. And check in the following day BUT if they don’t respond after that, I will let it go. I never never want to hound someone because if you have to beg them to join you then you will have to beg them to stay too and that’s too much for anyone. 


The info for the direct mailing system can be found at - just click on the link that says “click here if you got a letter in the mail from me” or something like that. 


For TEXTing system go to 


And that’s IT - all the info you need to succeed with GDI (the 10$/month system) in 3 different ways.