Crypto/bitcoin - earn and free

Coinbase will pay you up to 132$ for simply watching little videos and learning about different crypto currencies. you can then sell the coins for $$ and cash out if you want.

"gamble" invest sites

this is called Digitminer - check out the website for more info 




Faucet 1 (collect btc once an hour)

Faucet 2 (collect lite coin once/hour)

Faucet 3 (collect ethereum once/hour)

Faucet 4 (collect btc every 15-20 mins)

Faucet 5 (collect doge once/hour)

Faucet 6



Earn crypto from veiwing ads, watching videos and filling out surveys

Earn site 1

Earn site 2

Earn site 3

Earn site 4

Earn site 5

Earn site 6

Earn site 7



earn from + Faucet


Earn + Faucet 1

Earn + Faucet 2