Step 2

Ok - now that you've joined the 3 companies - its time to put together all the pieces of this system. 

You need a website! GDI is where your website will be built and live. if you want to build it yourself I will recommend that you keep it simple - 

similar to my step one page. (video - text- video- text- video- text)


If you would rather have someone else build it. 

Order info- 

send email to and ask about building a gdi website - all details will be exchanged in the email and the cost will be a one time 10$ 

Your website will link to THIS page for step 2-4. 

Step 4

You need a Letter! 

Keep it short and sweet. don't mention the companies, just redirect them to the website and let IT do the explaining, and let the letter act as an introduction of you. 

You can print it off at home or order a flyer and business cards. 

If you do want to order a flyer and business cards - I recommend VISTAPRINT

if you need help figuring out what to write for the letter, feel free to shoot an email to - I would be happy to help

Step 5

Envelopes. I recommend bright colors (or handmade if you are crafty like me) and I also recommend that you address them by hand (shows that you are putting in an effort and gives it a higher open rate) 

I make mine with magazine pages, but I've also ordered them from amazon (bright yellow and pink) 

Step 6

WHO do you send them too??? you can purchase "opportunity seekers" lists online or build your own. 

I build my lists from homes that have been sold in the last year. and if you want to buy from me I can sell you  100 addresses for 5$. (email to if you DO want to purchase a list from me)

I recommend that you send out 100 letters per month. and I also recommend that you include your email and phone number in the letters so that those interested can reach out to you.  THIS is not a "MONEY MAILER" it IS a real and genuine way to make money from a handful of amazing companies online - but to do so OUTSIDE of the crowded and spam filled MARKETPLACE that is online earning. 

I do want to add that you can ABSOLUTELY market these companies in ANY way you want- I just created this method- as an easy to duplicate, step by step process to building a team. 

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