I am a Crazy cat lady - a crafter, a wife, and for the last 15 years I have worked online, making money on the side of all the random jobs I had. 

Currently I work (alongside my husband) for a childrens home - and I love it

but it's the money I make online that helps to pay for things outside of bills and everyday expenses. I wanted to show you guys a system you can use- and companies you can join to make a side income of your own.

Step one - 

Join all 3 companies below

(we will be using these 3 companies with our direct mail system) 

They’ve been around since 1999 -  that’s 21 years !!!! 

They have ONE product (website) and it’s cheap (10$/month) 

It’s simple and provides a product WE NEED to succeed (a website and domain name) 

And the way we do it - you don’t need to do any online or personal recruiting or advertising - it’s done through sending letters out in the mail every month. Click here to join GDI


This company started in 1956, they have home products, nutrition products, beauty products - they’ve been featured on Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and so so so many other places. The cost to join shaklee is a one time cost (not monthly or yearly) and there are two options to go with  - one is under 100$ the other is under 200$ - and then you are a part of the company from that point on! Click here to join Shaklee 


This company is newer and smaller but growing so so quick because of the quality products they have, for the fur babies we all love (Dogs, Cats and Horses) 

Click here to join   Petclub 247


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