GDI (global domains incorporated) is my number one company to market for many reasons but here are a few

the company was founded on November 15 1999 - that more than 20 years ago and they have made very few changes in all those years - they built it and it's still going strong

their pay structure is simple and easy to understand

they pay out bonuses ever week

they pay out commissions every month

they have one product - a website/domain. you don't have to hop on a webinar every week to learn more about the company, you don't have to sell products or buy products to earn your commission, you don't have to put on parties or events

and the cost to be a paying/earning member of GDI is just 10$/month - that's it, 10$/month is something everyone can afford

and GDI is GLOBAL - they operate in 167 countries.

so far I have laid out two different methods (step by step) to use to advertise GDI and to build your team. 

GDI + MLMgateway

GDI direct mail method

GDI - in person marketing

GDI - small business marketing

GDI and social media

GDI flyer marketing

GDI and text message marketing

more methods coming soon (if you have an idea- feel free to shoot me a message) - 

or a text (541-678-0452)