Mystery shopping companies

These are the three I use most - well the ONLY 3 I've used, so far. 

A Closer Look

I have personally used this platform - payment approx 30 days after shop

INtouch insight (isecretshop)

This is the company or site I have worked with the most - they pay via paypal

And have the most jobs listed in my area


this company represents 24 companies  (only 2 ever have jobs in my area but if you are in a bigger city this would be a GREAT one for you- just make sure you go through and agree to the terms of each company and then any jobs in your area will show up on the job board for you) payment is approx 30 days after job is done. 

Companies in gigspot - About Face, alta360 research, strategic reflections, servimer, front row event and production management, Perception Strategies, grace hill, confirm with us, national shopping service network llc, elite CX solutions, service with style, ace mystery shopping, hendrickson business advisors, all-star customer service, inc, advance feedback, trueguest, Mcg management consultant group, marketstat, guest check inc, skilcheck, texas shoppers network, hospitality consultants, MTC, Onsitexm

I have NOT used any of these companies BUT I have registered (or tried to register) to be a shopper. I can vouch that THESE companies are legit, they have just not worked out for ME (due to location or other reasons)


Second to None

Amusement Advantage

Secret Shopper 


Market Force - they do not appear to be accepting new shoppers at this time. 

GAPbuster  GBW (Also known as GAPbuster Worldwide)


A Customer’s Point of View (ACPVIEW)

GFK Mystery Shopping ( now Ipsos) 

Quest for Best


Sinclair Customer Metrics

KSS International


the simplest and easiest way to get some funds to use in the start up of secret shopping is to download an app called moneylion and take the required steps to acquire (not based on credit) credit builder 500$ loan (paid back at a rate of 10$ a week, or more if you choose) 

if you would rather not take out a loan, the below options will help you get start up funds in smaller chunks.

Resources to use while you are doing shopping gigs. (all free)

       On my way app (get paid while you drive from job to job) 

       Mile IQ (to categorize drives for tax reasons)    

Cashback apps (if you are doing a shop that requires a purchase, you can choose a rebate item and get paid twice for that shop :)  ) 

         Ibotta use the link or download and use code yhtvwll to get a little cash boost for your first shop 10$ when you sign up and another 10$ after you use the app

          Savingstar - another cash back app

         Checkout 51 - another cash back app - just scan your receipts after you shop

          Shopkick - an app that rewards you for scanning things in store (if you are already there, why not earn a bit more) 


Because you actually SPEND $$ for alot of the shops and then get paid and re-imbersed. It's nice to keep the money all separate, using prepaid debits and online banking cards are a GREAT way to do this - here are links to some card I have (and have used for shopping gigs or other online earning stuff)

SoFi - debit, savings, prepaid and access to loans - also get 50 when you open and load. 

Serve- offers easy direct deposit and easy loading

Discover (cashback debit)- pair it with Zelle, money market, IRA and personal loans as well as the normal PP debit features

Chime- FREE 50$ when you sign up, activate and load (even just 5$ to the card)

Acorns debit- 5$ for signing up, link to acorns saving app, tons of "found money" deals (super cool really heavy metal card in lime green)

Simple- use this card to shop- simple rounds up the purchase to the nearest 1$ When the “change” from those transactions reaches or exceeds $5, Simple transfers it to a high-yield Savings Goal, where it earns an amazing interest rate—up to 35 times the national average

Greendot- one of the original prepaid cards

Bluebird- link this card to your Walmart savers app and get paid your earnings to this card

Akimbo- this is one of the cards that has a routing and banking number so it can be set up as a bank for online companies if you don't feel comfortable linking to your "real" bank account